Campeggio Lago di Como

Mountains and hills

Mountains and hills

For mountain lovers, the position of the Colli Fioriti Camping is strategic, the green valley is a starting point to reach countless and spectacular places from which to enjoy breathtaking views.

In the surrounding valleys you will find both easy-to-reach hilly heights, as well as more challenging reliefs, some of which are also equipped with facilities for both downhill and cross-country skiing activities.

The main mountains with their relative altitudes in brackets are:

  • Monte Generoso (1701 m)
  • Monte Sighignola (1302 m) with a famous viewpoint called “Balcony of Italy” from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Lugano
  • Pizzo delle Croce (1491 m)
  • Sasso Gordona (1410 m)
  • Monte di Lenno (1589 m) with instead several suggestive views of Lake Como

While to the east of the valley you will find:

  • Monte Galbiga (1698 m) panorama over both lakes and fortifications from the First World War with the renowned “Cadorna Line”
  • Tremezzo mountain (1700 m)
  • Monte Crocione of Menaggio (1641)
    these latter mountains give further enchanting views of the Lario.
    Do not miss the panorama seen from Pigra!

In the winter season, the Colli Fioriti Camping attracts many skiers ready to have fun descending the slopes of Sighignola, on Mount Crocetta you can practice ski mountaineering, while in Lanzo there is a small ring for cross-country lovers, all at a few kilometers from the property.

At the reception, you will find detailed maps of all the mountains mentioned and the surrounding valley.