Mountain Bike Renting

Mountain Bike Renting

Enriching your Lombard holiday to discover the small villages of the region on horseback on two wheels is the most extraordinary and evocative thing that can be offered to MTB lovers.

In an area, the Val d’Intelvi, kissed by Lake Como, staying at the Colli Fioriti campsite you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy every suggestive corner of a wonderful place to be discovered.

With the electric MTB rental service offered by companies affiliated with the Camping and made available to customers, moving on a mountain bike in total balance with nature and discovering routes with the beauty that enchants the eye and regenerates the mind will no longer be a dream, indeed!

Not just cycle excursions. In the month of August, once the bicycle has been rented, each guest, in addition to enjoying different routes, will also have the opportunity to try their hand at an extraordinary and fun amateur cycling race. But the surprises are not over yet, given that thanks to the initiative of the owners of the campsite, various activities have been developed here that pay the well-deserved tribute to MTB.

An example? On the saddle of the racing bicycle, every two-wheel lover, taking the Argegno-San Fedele climb, the same that is beaten by professional cyclists in the Giro di Lombardia, will be able to roam freely among the enchanting landscapes of Lake Como and those of the lake of Lugano. What everyone will have the opportunity to experience will therefore be a truly incredible adventure in one of the most beautiful places in Italy. A particularly interesting area both from the landscape point of view and from the historical-cultural point of view.

To organize your cycling moments in the best possible way, to welcome and make your holiday needs real, your desire to discover new places and to have fun on your bike there will be Paolo and Stefano, the two very nice owners of the camping Colli Fioriti, who have made sustainable hospitality their life mission, will always be available to suggest you in a precise and timely manner the solution that best reflects your holiday needs on your bike.
Following the suggested routes, together with trekking, represents one of the many ways to discover and immerse yourself body, and soul in the environment.

A lively way to get to know a pleasant area to be enjoyed, that of the Intelvi Valley. All this because, it is no exaggeration to state it, a bike ride is a journey on the wings of freedom, which allows every two-wheel enthusiast to experience the world in a complete way and with sustainable rhythms, to thoroughly scan the landscape and to know unthinkable places that caress the heart.

Renting an MTB is a wonderful idea that will enrich your holiday on an emotional and cognitive level. An incredible adventure, but also a very fun opportunity to organize a trip with family or friends, choosing alternative itineraries and routes to experience in symbiosis with nature and in its total respect.