Colli Fioriti

Camping in the mountains between Lake Como and Lake Lugano, open all year.

Enter the site: your vacation is about to begin.

The Camping ai Colli Fioriti  camping facilities  was founded in 1982 and is managed since 2007 by Paolo and Stefano, who are constantly trying to offer their campers the best in hospitality and cleanliness, in order to experience nature with all amenities and in comfort.

Here, at the camping facilities, and in the Valle d’Intelvi,  the colors of nature will be the scenery of your stay. You will be surrounded by meadows and forests and enjoy the most fantastic panoramas.

Mountains, hills, rivers, and lakes. You’ll find it all here!

You will be thrilled in seeing deer, roes, woodpeckers, kites, salamanders, and many other animals. In spring and summer, your eyes will encounter the colors of the flowers, and the blues of the clear skies. Your sense of smell will enjoy the scents of the woods. You will cool off in the Telo river or, further down, in Lake Como or Lake Lugano.

Here, nature is truly at your fingertips.

Choose your perfect vacation! Sports, culture, or simply relaxation.

At the Camping ai Colli Fioriti camping facilities you will have a vast selection among camping pitches, comfortable mobile homes, an apartment, or original trailers for a low-cost vacation.

Camping ai Colli Fioriti, at just 10 minutes by car from Lake Como and Lake Lugano, is open  all year long.